\in-ˈsi-pē-ənt\ 𐤟 (adj.)
in an initial stage; beginning to exist or appear.

Hello, I'm Christie Xu.

Oh, I'd like to claim that I am also:

"i rarely think in words at all.
a thought comes, and i may try to express it in words afterwards."
- albert einstein

  • Silence
  • from which I am taught to listen
  • come, whispers of thy heart and soul

  • Unspoken
  • for what is to be heard and seen
  • daresay words could try to tell
  • "Can I ask, what is your philosophy on life? What to you makes a life worth living?"

  • This very moment and all that had to occur for it to be
  • .
  • .
  • .

"the key for the player is to be conscious that they are pretending;
that together they have entered an alternate reality in which
they imagine different sides of themselves."
- michael puett

this section is a WIP, but here's some stuff I've worked on.


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